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Through our technology partner, Morningstar/ByAllAccounts we offer you the ability to aggregate your accounts from multiple sources into a single, secure system.  You can then view and analyze this aggregated portfolio and see your exact net worth on a daily basis.  This aggregation includes both asset and liability accounts, so you can gain a complete and up-to-date picture of your wealth.

The types of accounts you can aggregate in the Morningstar/ByAllAccounts system include:

Asset Accounts

  • Investment Accounts (Pershing, etc.)

  • Managed Money Accounts

  • Direct Mutual Fund and Variable Annuity Accounts

  • Bank Accounts

  • Alternative Investments

  • Insurance

Liability Accounts

  • Mortgages

  • Car loans

  • Credit Cards

  • Bill Pay

In addition to aggregating your accounts, Morningstar/ByAllAccounts allows your financial advisor to manage your wealth on a more holistic basis, whether your advisor is running financial plans, investment proposals, or simply analyzing your assets.

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